Due to recent cyberattacks nowadays, users are now advised to use a strong password. Passwords containing 8 or more characters. Users are also advised to use a password manager for maximum protection.

However, how do we come up with a strong password?

Here some tips to make sure you can have a strong password against cyber attacks. 

Use letters, numbers, and possible characters – there are a lot of characters found on your keyword. Letters, number, operators, equals, period, question mark, exclamation point, dash, forward and backward slash, and so on. You select random of these for your password. 

Must contain 8 or more characters, 16 preferred – to have a more secure and strong password against brute force attacks, make sure to have more characters for your password. 

Make sure to uppercase and lowercase random letters you choose – the uppercase letter ‘A’ and the lowercase letter ‘a’ are two different characters when setting up your password. Thus, your password should contain both. 

Do not use words found in the dictionary – do not use words found in the dictionary because if you do, your password will be weak and is easily guessed by using a dictionary attack wherein possible keywords in the dictionary will be used for your password.

Select random characters, use your own dialect (if not English), or use a password manager so that you can choose a strong password without risk of forgetting it – you can use the characters found on your keyboard. You can also use word/s which only you know, can easily be remembered and not found in the dictionary.

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